Saturday, 1 November 2008

The All New Wicca Training Course

Cwrs Hyfforddiant Wicca Llwyn Eryr

Wiccan Training Course for Eagle Grove

Eagle Grove/Llwyn Eryr (EGLE) is a training circle for those wishing to discover more about the practice of Wicca. It is also designed for those, who wish to eventually work within a Wiccan Circle as an initiate. EGLE is based in Mid Wales, but it has had members from other parts of Wales and also parts of England.

The written part of the work for the course is based upon a published Study Course in book form, which will be offered after acceptance as a trainee. However, the main focus of the course is experiential, taking place at workshops and discussion groups, which will be held at every Sabbat (Celebrations of the Wiccan Year) and these Sabbats will form the core of the study, so that after a year, you should have successfully completed the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, you may be offered initiation into a working coven, although this is not guaranteed, as it depends on several factors, including whether there is space for a newcomer.

The main facilitator of the Group, Harry, is an initiated Alexandrian Wiccan with many years’ extensive experience running Training Groves and Covens in both London, where he used to live and in Wales, where he currently resides. He is a member of the very successful Starstone Network, based in London and South Wales and he has published articles and translated books on esoteric and Wiccan subjects for Avalonia Books and The Golden Hoard Press. He is also an accomplished healer, holding a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and he has lectured to various groups about Wicca and The Healing Arts. He has also an accomplished psychic consultant, having worked both on TV and at various Psychic Fairs around the country.

Of course, there are many people who have already spent considerable amounts of time studying Wicca and related subjects and this will be taken into consideration upon successful demonstration of competence and/or application.


I would like to stress that there are no fees for the course. However, I do ask for some contribution towards paying for materials used, such as paper, printer ink, tea, coffee, biscuits and the occasional meals and contributions for petrol/diesel for the occasional trip. I feel this is fair and the costs are minimal. Of course, you will need to purchase some books. You can usually find some of these books secondhand on either or or other websites specialising in seeing books.

Here is the curriculum for the training course:

Main Texts: Towards the Wiccan Circle by Sorita D’Este and Circle of Fire by Sorita D’Este and David Rankine

Lesson 1

Paganism, Witchcraft & Wicca.

History and different paths and traditions

Lesson 2

Magick: Towards an Understanding

Lesson 3

The Gods and Goddesses

Including Introduction to the Pantheons

Lesson 4

The Four Elements

Lesson 5

The Times of Magick

Lesson 6

Sacred Space

Lesson 7

Initiation & Rites of Passage

Including Working in a Coven and as a Solitary

Workshops Taking Place During the Eight Sabbats

1: The Wheel of the Year and Working with Nature and the Elements

Including Working with Nature Spirits and Site Guardians, Sacred Sites Power/Totem Animals

The importance of finding our place in the Cycle of Nature and where we fit in.

2: Ritual

Including Ritual Structure (including Elemental Gestures and Pentagrams),Incense and Oils, Working with Symbols, Altars and Devotional Work, invocation, Evocation and Voice Magick

3: Wiccan Ethics and Other Religions

Including discussions on the Wiccan Rede (“An It Harm None”), Practical Magick, Healing work, Skyclad or Robed during rituals. Discussions on Wiccans' attitudes to other religions and other paths of spirituality.

4: Healing

Including different forms of Healing, Crystals and Herbalism.

5: Correspondences

Including Colour Correspondences, Animal Correspondences, Crystal Correspondences, Number Correspondences and Numerology, Planetary Correspondences and so forth.

6: Making Magick

Including Using/Making Wiccan Ritual Tools – using Cords in Wicca, Sacred Alphabets, Amulets and Talismans, Sigilisation, Kameas and Candle Magick

7: Meditation and Visualisation

Including Astral Doorways, Breath Magick, Visualisation, Meditation, Working with the Magickal Personality

8: Divination and Dreamwork

Including Astrology, Dreamwork, Skrying, Astral Work, working with Symbols e.g. Tarot, Runes etc and Psychism

Rituals and Ceremonies Studied

Elemental Tool Consecration

Ceremony of the Four Elements

Ceremony of Cakes and Wine

Ritual Purification

Charge of the God

Charge of the Goddess

Other Parts of the Course

There are also a number of books that you will be required to read, study and digest, which will form the basis of your knowledge. The book list is by no means exhaustive and is subject to change, but it is of utmost necessity to supplement your training by trying to read through as much as possible on this list. This list will be sent to you on application and succesful acceptance onto the course.

In addition to the above, you will be expected to specialise in one particular subject of your choice and write a detailed article/essay on this subject.

As you can see, despite what you might have thought before, training for the Wiccan Priesthood (for this is what in effect you are training for) is by no means an easy task and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. And in order to become a functioning part of a Coven, it is important to have a thorough grounding in Wiccan Ritual, Theory, History and Practice and it is hoped that this course will provide you with that.

If you have any further questions or would like to apply for the course, please contact me at:

For more information on my Healing Work, please click on HealingCymru